Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We had a mini father's day celebration on sunday night.Sis,wir and myself wanted to bake something but we dont have a clue on what to bake.besides, we aint some masterchefs.haha.

And so, wehad to turn to this for help.hehe.At first it doesnt help at all because every single thing looks super delicious and us being fatty bitches wanted to try and bake everything.simply said,we were spoilt for choice!haha!after much deliberation, we finally decided to bake cookies and cream fudge(chosen by wir) and some sticky chewy brownies(chosen by sis).the one chosen by wir is for dad and the other one is obviously for abg thoi.We headed to shengsiong to get some ingredient as some of them we dont really have it home.

We started on cookies and cream fudge first and then on the brownies.

honestly, both of them are super easy to bake.haha!oh well,thats because we had the recipe book just in front of us!hehe.okay la.not really.its just mind over matter la.whether you wanna do it or not.haha.i cant remember how long it took us to bake the two delicious deserts though but definitely not 3-4 hours.haha.We actually bought chocolate rice so as to decorate the deserts.we thought of writing 'HAPPY DAD'S DAY" using the chocolate rice but it was an epic failure.we cant even read the words.HAHA!we kinda panicked because we had to get this done before dad and abg thoi comes back home and so,we asked ian to buy vanilla frosting!however,dad cme back home even beore that 'janggut' boy!

We had to sneak into the study room and get the frosting done quietly.HAHA!

i swear i was scared that dad finds out.But,we had our ways.i did the frosting while wir helped to 'cui'.HAHA!

whatever it is,it was a great surprise?haha.we had fun baking and rushing everyting.FUNNY!hehe.

even danish joined us?right cheeky boy?
Wir actually pester dad to get some KFC and he did!not him la,but he gave us money to go get it.that part we leave it to ian and abg thoi to buy.haha.oh yes,did i tell you we had our usual gruesome outdoor training early that day? yes,somehow im guilty!baking and eating all these foods.our jogging had gone to waste!haha.

Hopefully,dad and abg thoi liked our surprise? hopefully,they had fun because sis,wir and myself surely enjoyed ourselves!haha!
that night,i cant sleep.i was too full!haha.thats for being a glutton!lesson learnt baby!